The Booth.


Recording voiceovers!


The crew


From left to right: Sacha, Thila, Tony, Jason, Albert, Ferdelle, Althea and Lisa at Charles street Video.

Upon reflection

FINALLY WRAPPED (which means that all the filming/shooting is completed), and we can move onto post-production (editing, audio and paperwork).


This whole project has given me so much purpose that this lull between shooting and editing is a weird but nice breath of fresh air with great timing. It will be the long weekend in Toronto and it will be just a few hours until I make my way over to Montreal.

July has been one of the best months of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard, been so tested and challenged or happier and I’m really excited to do it all over again (hint hint, future projects on the way).

During shooting, being on set is a world apart. Consisting of retakes and 13 hour days. After all of the yelling, scrambling, waiting and silence, then being able to move onto the next scenes, nothing is more satisfying than reviewing playback and going:

“Oh sh*t, that was perfect. GLORIOUS. Ahh, FANTASTIC. Moving on!“(Which is definitely something I’ve been known to yell out.)

Working with my cast has been so fulfilling and I’m so grateful for their patience and collaboration. The team work, communication and progression has revamped my capabilities as a person. It was nice doing rehearsals with my cast, and seeing them give me exactly what I wanted take after take made me proud. It was easy being the one behind the camera because I knew exactly how it would move and how everything would be framed. At one point, I even hopped into my rollerblades and filmed with the camera while Tony pushed me along while following the bikes on a street. Safe to say, I’m really excited to show everyone what those scenes will look like.

During the third and fourth shooting days, I was scheduled to direct and act. If I could be in two places at once (aka in front and behind the camera) it would’ve been easy. As an actor, I need direction; As a director, I must give direction. I found that my priorities stood in making sure everything else was in it’s place and desperately making demands for acting cues because I had no idea what or where my framing is choreography would be like–and unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist. Without an attentive and helpful crew and  their suggestions and comments I would be lost without the cues I needed (especially during the scene in the elevator).
So, all in all, unbelievably happy with how the shoot days went. A little nervous about editing but I always get anxious and excited when it comes to things I can’t wait to do.


Until next time,