About The Film

‘Cycle’ (it’s current and tentative production name) is short film montage with a series of stories each in relation to the dynamic emotional rollercoaster that is human life. It takes place in my city as an ode to Toronto, with seemingly unrelated characters who are brought together via the bicycles they ride. Each short is paired with a human emotion (heartache, love, loss, happiness, desperation, anger, humour, adventure) whilst exploring Toronto’s dynamic range of sights, weather and scenery. The compilation itself will become  a feature length film with carefully arranged narratives and woven together to be part of a whole.

This short film will be premiering at the 2012 Reel Asian Film Festival and will be 8 minutes in length; Thus the completion of the part one of eight signifies a  successful work in progress.

The first story involves a bicycle that is given to a girl from her grandfather. When he passes away, it is the only tangible thing left of him.

Her story is about the ride she must inevitably endure and overcome.

Filmed from various angles of her riding her bicycle, Toronto’s dynamic weather and the varying landscapes of torrential rain, fog, calm sunrise, red sunsets, dark nights and uphill struggles; these skies that accompany the journey will be representational as she goes through the motions of losing someone so close for the first time.

Paired with cut-scenes of her delving into her collective memory, a poignant and driven musical score, and a cast meant to resemble the relationships to people we know, we experience a moment of life through love and loss.”

Ferdelle Lauren Capistrano 2012 ©


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