About the Director/Writer

Ferdelle Lauren Capistrano:

Born and raised as a mixed-race Filipino/Chinese/Spanish Canadian in the bustling city of Toronto, Ferdelle Lauren has garnered the electric energy of opportunity and is gracefully turning it into something of her own.

After a  gruelling six years of productive dabbling , Ferdelle Lauren, a recent University of Toronto graduate, would prefer not to overwhelm you with a one-too-many word triple major:

“It’s sometimes gets embarrassing telling people what I studied when they ask because I don’t like sounding misguided.  I started off with neuroscience and psychology but realized soon after that the tears and stress weren’t worth it; Although I knew that I wasn’t going to like being stuck in a lab or ever had the focus to be able to pursue med school I learned what made humans tick.” 

“Ultimately, with this knowledge, I aimed at going into the field of advertising and public relations – I ended up with a major in Book and Media Studies, a minor in History and a minor in Buddhism, Mental Health and Psychology. In between I snuck in film and learned how to speak french.

“I took university as an opportunity to compile knowledge that I knew would be useful in the long run, regardless of what my diploma said.”

Her free time is sometimes few and far between, excitedly, she adamantly stated that despite her schedule there are things that she must always find time for:

“ADVENTURES! and loved ones. ….Also, SNOWBOARDING. I love to snowboard. I instruct snowboarding during the season and I would practically forfeit my life to sleep and wake up to a mountain or snow… Also, music has been a huge part of my life and I never feel whole without finding something new to listen to or even singing to my guitar. I recently started painting again, and I like to read– Honestly, I could run off a list of everything I love to do but at the top of the list I’m always in contact with the people that know me the best.”

Regarding her Reel Asian Youth Summer Video Production Workshop she says,

 “I realize despite the stress it was actually what made the most sense in my life; I loved being in front of  the camera growing up but experiencing  all the stages of production was a challenge that literally compiled everything I felt I was made for.”

Ferdelle continues to take on projects out of the sheer enjoyment and love of doing something related to film. In August 2012 she will have also completed writing, directing and starring in her second short-film for Toronto’s first Sci-Fi 48 hour Film Challenge.

Keep an eye out for this one! For now, you can spot her wandering the streets of Toronto, her current home base.


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