Moving Right Along to Day Two

Hi everyone,

As a means to get my head on straight given everything that is happening so quickly and all at once this is where i’ll be dishing out all the exciting goings on.

WordPress is totally bizarre to me despite  5 years on Blogger at, but it’s nice to nestle into something fresh.

So, here we go.


I have just been accepted as one of seven students between the ages of 18 – 24 to participate in the inaugural Reel Asian Summer Video Production Workshop. Each of us has submitted proposals for short films that we will be producing this summer with the help of mentors and professionals in the field. Each of our films will be premiered at the Reel Asian Film Festival from November 6 – 11.

In all honesty, I submitted my proposal in my usual flair of last minute chaos and clamboring; submitting it an hour before deadline with the original intention to get my kid brother, Kevin – who is fantastic writer-accepted. After insisting that I edit before he applied, I read up on what I was blindly signing him up for and thought, Hey, film’s my thing… I should try this out.

I thought that having two Capistrano’s would raise the probability that at least one of us would at least get accepted. Unfortunately,  I realized that my .pdf extension was unopenable after I went to reread what I had sent when my nerves had calmed down, so simply I gave up the dream and awaited my brother’s success.

Later, Kevin told me he didn’t get in, but shrugged it off like a champ, and we both moved on.

The night of my graduation I was out celebrating with my friends. With the fuzzy mindset of one enjoy the last minutes before Toronto’s 2am last call, I skimmed through e-mails on my phone and double took when my eyes landed on a “CONGRATULATIONS” from Arthur Yeung.

So here we are.

The film proposal I submitted was a very loosely knitted idea from a screenplay that I had been developing for almost two years (more info HERE) but had been too busy and misguided to bring to complete fruition. However, my heart has always been in film and cinema and in the mercy of being trite, the line between dreams and reality thins and melded into one, everything in the world gets crazy and driven into a concentrated productivity and focus I don’t think I’ve ever felt before.

‘Cycle’ (it’s current and tentative production name) is short film montage with a series of stories each in relation to the dynamic emotional rollercoaster that is human life. It which takes place in this city as an ode to Toronto, with seemingly unrelated characters who are brought together via the bicycles they ride. Each short is paired with a human emotion (heartache, love, loss, happiness, desperation, anger, humour, adventure) and explores Toronto’s dynamic range of location, weather and scenery.

We’re only given 8 minutes so I decided to focus  the first of the series on the story representing heartache and loss; a story where a girl is given a bicycle from her grandfather before he passes away.

The shots will be filmed from the front of her riding this bicycle with the skies behind her, reflecting Toronto’s dynamic weather and varying landscape: torrential rain, fog, calm sunrise, blue skies, red sunsets, dark nights, etc. as she goes through the motions of losing someone for the first time, with cut-scenes of her delving into her collective memory of him.”

Since a large portion of my life has been consumed lovingly by music (both playing, enjoying, composing, appreciating), I am adamant that no visuals can be without the perfect musical accompaniment, so I am hoping to have a killer soundtrack that will emotionally carry the tone of my first short.

And that’s just the first one. The rest of the shorts are less emotionally driven but aree equally entertaining in the human emotion they are meant to represent. I’m really hoping that my visions aren’t an impossible dud but I’ve been racking my brain and scribbling out the preliminaries of my storyboards all of this Canada Long Weekend.

Since I’ve been working on each story, I’ve decided that after this workshop is over, I will continue to dedicate myself to finishing the whole series.

The first day of the workshop is tomorrow at 10am. I’m excited to get started, this whole weekend has become an uncomfortable build up of anticipation.





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